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2nd Annual HSV Garden Challenge: Final Linkup

 It is time for the final linkup for the HSV Garden Challenge and we have really enjoyed gardening together again this year.  We started the season with intentional garden and associated lessons in our school time, and then we spent the 3rd month planting and watching the plants grow.  Now we have just begun to harvest this week.

Our reading during the first month has come to life as, unfortunately, Peter Cottontail has also spent time investigating our garden and eating.  The kids now realize that the cute visitor(s) are destructive in the garden and are chasing them from the yard when they see them.  The other evening I couldn't help but secretly smile as I listened and watched my youngest run across the yard yelling "Go away, Peter Cottontail!". 

Memories are made when hands are involved and I love when we are making garden memories whether it is using the garden to do a craft or harvesting together.  Today we had our first real harvest of peas and enjoyed harvesting together and eating the fresh peas together. :)

Happy Gardening with your Kids! :)

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  1. I've been trying to convince my rabbit loving youngest to shoo them away from the garden. So far, she has to creep up as close as she can to it and whisper for it to go away. It is too funny. We also have the added problem of groundhogs. I would prefer the rabbits any day over those critters.


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