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Garden Crafty: Potato Stamp T-shirts

I was inspired by a good friend and Pinterest last night and so today we are feeling patriotic and crafty today!  As part of our summer school program, we are studying the flag and our nation's foundation today, so what is better than including a few fun activities to go along!  :D  Besides, it is terribly hot outside and some fun inside activities are just what we need to keep us all sane.  If you too are feeling the need to stay out of the heat today, try your hand at creating potato stamps.

Here's how...

1.  Gather supplies:  potatoes, t-shirt (new or old), acrylic craft paint, paper plate, large piece of cardboard, surface covering (newspaper, cardboard, plastic)

2.  Cut potato in half the shortest direction and then carve the desired shape into it.  In my case, I cut two potatoes and carved a star into all of the ends.

3.  Slide the cardboard into the t-shirt to prevent the paint from passing through more than one layer of fabric, and then lay it flat on the work surface.  (When working with children, be sure that the work surface is covered and 'mess safe' in case of the inevitable spills and mishaps.)

4.  Pour paint onto a paper plate.  Load the potato stamp with paint and stamp onto the shirt.  (It is a good idea to first trial stamp onto a paper towel to see how your stamp works.  If you are satisfied, the GO FOR IT! ;D)

5.  HAVE FUN!!! :D

Happy Garden Crafting! :)

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