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Oh my friends, I was so inspired this weekend! :D  I attended at a Gardening Day put on by one of the local extension agencies and the county's  Master Gardeners.  I have since spent hours dreaming, planning and searching the internet for more information.  It is such torture to look outside & see several feet of snow on the ground yet...

Three of the four seminars I attended have captured me; Eatable Landscaping (incoorperating veggies, flowers & herbs into landscaping beautifully, naturally and usefully), Rain barrels (installation, use and precautions), and Small Space Gardening.  All of these are concepts I already use in my landscape & gardens, but there were so many little hints and a few new concepts that I hope to implement this summer.  Keep your eyes open as the summer comes, for posts detailing more of what I learned and the changes I'm making as a result!

Have you learned any new gardening tips or concepts recently that were inspiring to you?

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