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On the Menu this Week (7-9 to 7-14)

For the last several years I have challenged myself to focus on using from my pantry and shop less for a couple months each winter... a Pantry Challenge.  With the end of February and this year's pantry challenge complete, I found that I really enjoyed having a basic menu plan to guide me.  I decided to continue making a month long menu, and be intentional about using garden produce and preserves from last season.

For the first time in seven months I do not have a month long menu plan made and to be honest, I'm lost!  It only takes me 15-20 min to put together a new menu for the month unless I get stuck thinking of something new to add, but I just haven't taken the time to do it. :{  If you haven't made your plan, join me this week and make a plan for the rest of the month. (Better late than never!)

I have just about exhausted my stock of frozen and canned garden produce from last year, but fortunately, the garden and backyard fruit are producing fresh produce now.  It is now my goal to incorporate as much fresh produce and herbs as I can into our meals, and then preserve the abundance for the winter and spring to come.

Overall, I have to say that intentional menu planning has been good for me and my family. :D  If you are interested in joining me in intentional menu planning, check out my Pantry Challenge post to get an idea of how to get started.

Here is what is on our menu this week...

-Basil Chicken Burgers* and Garden Pasta Salad - using garden fresh basil in both! :)
-Spaghetti - using the LAST JAR of home preserved spaghetti sauce :{
-Savory Crock Pot Pork Loin and grilled garden fresh Green Beans

-fresh fruit & veggies
-Raspberry something - summer bearing raspberries are just about done for this year
-Evan's Cherry Pie - our Evan's cherry tree has just enough to make our first pie this year

What are you harvesting and eating fresh this week?

Happy Garden Eating! :)

*this is a recipe I hope to post soon

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