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Awhile ago I was asked, "Do you pinterest?".  My completely honest response was "Do I what?  What is Pinterest?"  My friends immediately informed me about this "wonderful" new social media outlet in which you could 'pin' a picture of an idea, article, recipe, whatever onto a virtual pin board with a link to its online location.  They shared how they loved that these pin boards kept their ideas contained and organized.  The benefit, I was informed, was great but one needed to be careful not to get lost in browsing and waste a lot of time.  Well, I recently succumbed to curiosity, requested an invitation and signed up.  I have found that I too enjoy the vast array of ideas and information that can be gathered and stored in this one place. 

I have come across some inspiring landscaping and gardening ideas that I have gathered onto a pin board and invite you to check them out.  Join me each Friday on The Full Circle Gardener Facebook page for  "Pinterest Friday".  Come and share your favorite Pinterest idea for the week. This week the idea that has most inspired me is for landscaping along our chain link fence.  Check it out here or check out my gardening pin board here for lots of gardening inspiration.

What 'pinterests' you this week?

Happy Gardening Inspiration! :)

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