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Easter Garden

I found a link by the National Gardening Association on their kids gardening facebook page that described how to turn eggshells into containers for wheat grass.  I read through the post and immediately thought it would make a great object lesson for my kids about Easter and ties in with our Garden Challenge studies.

It went so well that I just have to share it with you! :)

-empty washed eggshell containers (see this link to prepare eggshells)
-wheat grass seed
-Children's Bible (Last Supper/Crusifiction/Resurrection)
-John 12:24

1)  We read in the Children's Bible starting with the last supper through to Jesus' death and burial.

2)  I told the kids that the empty eggshell was like the cave where Jesus was buried by his friends.  His friends carefully wrapped his body with spices and linens (represented by the soil we put into the shell) and laid his body in the cave (represented by the wheat grass seeds).

3)  John 12:24 NIV "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds."

I told the kids we had placed wheat seeds in the eggshell cave that had come from a plant that was now dead.  We placed the seeds in the soil and would now wait in hope of the new life that was to come just like Jesus' friends waited in the hope of his resurrection. 

4)  I watered the seeds and lightly covered the cave with the top of the eggshell to represent the sealing of the tomb and placed the egg carton with my seedlings on the plant stand.

5)  Now we wait to see if we have new life by Resurrection Day (Easter)!  It is my intent to read about the resurrection from the Children's Bible when we open our tombs.  I'm just praying that our wheat grass will germinate in the 2-3 days it said they would! :}

Update:  We had tiny little sprouts!  How exciting it was to see new life and share how Jesus had returned to life and we can have new life in Him! :D

Happy Easter & Happy Gardening! :D

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