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Favorite Gardening Websites!

I have some favorite gardening websites that I have spent a lot of time visiting over the last week.  Here are a few of them...

Weekend Gardener - they have a great "grow guide"; a weekly planner that shows what can be started indoors or planted outdoors based on the dates you input.

NDSU Extension Service- there is no better local resource, no matter where you live, than the local extension service!!!

Average Last Date of Spring Frost & First Fall Frost in North Dakota- great resource for planning!!! (unfortunately, I have not found similar information for Minnesota yet)

National Gardening Association - I love the free newsletters they provide; especially the Regional Gardening Report that comes to my e-mail box bi-weekly!  I also follow them on Facebook and love the gardening tidbits they share daily.  A couple of summers ago I posted a question on their wall.  They were quick to respond and very helpful! :)

Do you have any favorite gardening websites?  Please share!  I'd love to check it out too!


  1. I've really enjoyed the U of M Extension service for referencing all sorts of gardening topics:

    NDSU's extension service has been the most helpful. Not that I'm biased by the fact it is our alma mater, or anything, :)

  2. Sara, It has been a long time since I last checked out the U of M Extension. Than you for reminding me. :) (Of course I'd never be biased toward my alma mater!!! ;P)


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