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Signs of Life

This week most of the snow in my yard has melted.  I went out yesterday to investigate and found some hope instilling signs of life!  :D  The poppy first caught my eye.  I started it last year, from seed my mom collected from her plants.  I planted two, but something ate one off.  This one was such a bright happy green against the wood chips & soil!  I then moved along the flower bed and saw the iris's daring the snow/ice to hold them back and then the tulips bursting forth.  I LOVE the first signs of green in the spring! :D
Poppy- First sign of green!

Irises - Snow/ice I will overcome!

Bursting forth with joy!

There were also so not so exciting views as well...
Floating strawberries!

Why is the garden the last place snow free?

I'm a little worried about my strawberries.  The poor little plants are green & ready for spring but their leaves are floating an inch under the kid's toy boat!  Notice the snow and water in the neighbors yard beyond the fence?  It is flowing right over my strawberries and on down across my yard.  I'm not sure they will be able to survive that much water for very long and there is no where for the water to go since the soil is all saturated. :(

On a happier note... we have had several days of 40 - 60 degree highs and lows not falling below 32.  I'm considering moving my seedlings outside to my new green house! :D  My dad renovated my old greenhouse and created a new and improved one for me.  I am so excited to try it out.  I'm hoping to get some pictures posted over the weekend!

How is your yard and/or garden looking this week?  Are you seeing signs of hope?  or are you finding sad winter/spring kill?

Happy gardening indoors and outdoors! 

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