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On the Menu This Week

For the last several years I have challenged myself to focus on using from my pantry and shop less for a couple months each winter... a Pantry Challenge.  With the end of February, this year's pantry challenge is complete but I have really enjoyed having a basic menu plan to guide me.  This year I decided to continue to make a month long menu, and be intentional about using garden produce and preserves from last season.

If you are interested in joining me check out my Pantry Challenge post to get an idea of how to get started.  Here is what is on my menu this week.

Tatertot Hot Dish - use frozen garden veggies if you have any left; I do not :{

Grilled Salmon & veggies
Spaghetti - I have 4 more quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce left

Oatmeal Rasinette Cookies - made a batch today; MMMM!  Can't wait to have one! ;)

I'm hoping to do some freezer baking this week with apples, rhubarb, squash/pumpkin & zucchini that I have in the freezer.  I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Happy Garden Eating! :)

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