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Preparing the Garden Site: Amending for deficiets

Several weeks ago I collected soil for a soil test.  Unfortunately, I just got it dried out this week so it will not be done in time for this year's planting.  We are expecting rain for the next week starting tonight or tomorrow and so I spent yesterday preparing my soil for planting.

Now is the time to add any amendments to your soil that you need... fertilizer, organic matter, lime, acid, etc.  For example, even without a soil test I can tell you that my soil has a very high clay content. To compensate for this, every year I incorporate as much compost and organic matter as I can.  The organic matter helps to soften the soil and holds plant accessible water.  This year my compost hasn't broke down as much as I would like and so I decided to contact my cousin who has a horse stable to see what he had for composted manure.  He was more than happy to fill my trailer for me from a pile he thought was about 5 years old! :)
horse 'compost'

unloading 'compost'

topped by 2 inches 'compost'
By 6pm last night I had shoveled the first trailer load into the garden and decided that I could take more so back out to the stables we went for one more load.  My wonderful husband tilled in the first load right away but it was too late to till the second load in last night so he took a long lunch break and tilled in the second load today. :)  (I tell you, I love my man!!! He is the greatest!!!  :D)

tilling in the 'compost'
 Now my garden is ready for planting & I'm off to put some seeds in the ground before tomorrow's rain!!

Happy Gardening! :D


  1. I'm excited to see it once it's filled with goodies =)

  2. Thanks Crisc, me too. ;) I got it planted yesterday and put up one post about it. I'll have another one coming, probably next week sometime. Have you planted a garden this year? :)


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