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Planting? to Planted.

   Update:  The weather has been sunny & beautiful yesterday & today, so I headed out this morning with my kidos, had some 'garden education' and planted their Zinnias!  We learned that before you put the plants you want in the garden that you need to remove the plants you don't want (aka weeds!).  Why, I was asked... because the weeds will take some of the food and water our flowers need to grow and we don't want that!  :)  I love sharing my love for gardening & plants with them!  :D

I also got to plant my morning glories I couldn't plant on Saturday and then moved on to do some other outside work.  By about 4pm I was hot and exhausted so we moved inside for some rest time.  Not long after, some great friends showed up.  The perfect end to a really enjoyable day!

I hope you had a good day too!  Doesn't it feel good to get some soil under your fingernails again! ;P  Happy Gardening! :)

Are you planting this weekend?  In February, I started a variety of flowers and the morning glories are starting to wind their way around the green house.  My average last date of spring frost was May 12 and I had planned on planting the morning glories around my arbor today, but it is raining! :(  Unfortunately that puts the skids on my plans.  How about you? 

Here's to hoping the rain goes away & the sun comes out for a couple of weeks!

Happy wet Gardening! :}


  1. buying flowers....still sitting on the deck...waiting....waiting...sigh

  2. Sun is shining this morning and the wind is down, so I am going to dig in today I hope. Come on over, we will put something on the grill for lunch. :)

  3. Tara, I wish I could have!!! Did you get everything planted? I am going to get my morning glories planted today. Sun came out for us yesterday too. Decided it best to let the ground dry out a little more & had a 'campfire' with smores and then burned willow tree branches that collected over the winter.


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