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HSV Garden Challenge: Linkup #3

Note:  The next and final link up will be June 29.

Our core study material continues to be parts of the My Father's World kindergarten curriculum as I posted in the first HSV Garden Challenge link up.  Beyond that, this last month most of our garden studies have been more informal.  I have transitioned to making a conscious effort to include the kids in what I am doing in the garden and yard, and tie that with the current letter we are studying.

Zinnia planting
I posted in Linkup #2 that I was hoping to move our garden studies outside and last week we were able to do that.  The kids enjoyed the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt and plant their Zinnias as we studied Z (Zebra).  Timing was perfect because, how in the world does one incorporate gardening into Z studies except to plant your Zinnias!?!? :}  We measured the zinnias when we planted them and again this week.  We noted that there was no new growth since they were planted outside, but that it has also been cold and rainy; not the best conditions for adding new growth.  We will continue to observe their adjustment to being outside and how the weather plays a role in their growth and condition.

We studied R (Rock) last week too and talked a lot about soil and horse 'compost' (manure) as I was also preparing the garden for planting (which they also helped me do).  While we shoveled a load of 'compost' into the garden, my youngest grabbed an obvious horse dropping and said something to the effect of, 'this looks like poop!'.  I replied that the 'compost' was all horse poop and that it was going to give the plants food and help them grow good veggies for us to eat.  My oldest stopped digging, thought for a little bit, and responded, 'that's kind of icky!'.  We all had a good laugh and finished emptying the compost into the garden.  When asked later what we had done that day, my oldest responded like a well informed pro.  'Icky' or not, it was going to make the plants happy and so he was ok with it in the garden. :)

 We will examine life cycles for the next couple of weeks as we study B (Butterfly) and F (Frog).  We will be observing caterpillars transform into Painted Lady butterflies and I anticipate spending time talking about all the garden friends that help us by pollinating the flowers (butterflies) and eating the bad bugs (frogs).  I also look forward to spending lots of time reading "Zinnia's Flower Garden" by M Wellington, "Jack's Garden" by H Cole, and "Where Butterflies Grow" by J Ryder (kids received from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library) as well. (As I browsed some other of the HSV Garden Challenge participants I was reminded to read 'The Hungry Caterpillar' as well!)

We were asked to post about what I have learned through the Garden Challenge. As a new homeschooling mom, I've learned how easy it is to incorporate garden learning into your daily life when you are being intentional about it and I look forward to extending that to other areas of learning as well. :)  I am so excited to start harvesting from our garden in a few weeks.  We always have lots of raw eating before I ever get around to cooking anything, but I look forward to some eggplant parmigiana fresh from my garden later this summer! :)

Have you been outside gardening with your kidos?  I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Learning and Gardening!


  1. Ahh, what wonderful helpers! Thankfully the dirt we ordered for our best already had compost in it so we didn't have to mess with the 'icky'. lol Love how you're tying in your lessons to the gardening. Kids love that. (I found you via the HV Gardening Challenge. ) Stop by and visit my blog!

  2. Contessa Kris, Thanks for stopping by. I did visit your blog as well. Next year you can add some chicken 'icky' to your garden! ;) (Chicken waste is very high in nitrogen & makes a great fertilizer!)

  3. look how great this is ! Can't wait for your salsa gardening series!


  4. Thanks Steph. Thanks for your work on HSV Garden Challenge. I have loved the inspiration! :D Check out my post on salsa gardening here: My next post will be Jun 10 on eatable landscaping. :)

  5. You guys have been busy! We are going to plant Zinnias this week :)

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