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When do you plant your garden?

Spring planting has been filling my mind lately (do you have a major case of Spring Fever, like me?!?) and that started me thinking about when do I usually plant my garden.  Somehow, somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that one needs to plant their garden by Memorial Day.  I'm not sure where that came from, but it seems to be ingrained in my thought process even though every year I hope to plant my garden much closer to my average last day of spring frost

That got me started though, and then I wondered, if I were to plan on planting my garden on Memorial Day weekend, where would I be on my seed starting and planting guide?  I was surprised, as I counted out the weeks, that we are 11 weeks out from Memorial Day weekend and that means that I would still be at the beginning of the seed starting season!  I was a bit surprised and somewhat relieved to know that if disaster would fall upon my little seedlings that I could start all over and not be late on anything!  If you haven't ever started your own seeds, it isn't too hard and doesn't have to be expensive.  Check out my posts under the heading of "starting seeds" to see how to get started.

When do you plant your garden?  Do you start your own seeds? 

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  1. if the mud is workable the onions and peas go in mid-late April. Usually I have everything in by mid May. Unless there really is a bad weather pattern. I use water walls and don't mind covering a time or two or three with sheets. I wish I had grow tunnels! That is me in Fargo, my uncle has a large garden in Williston ND and he is usually in pretty early too. He always says the potatoes have to be in by Good Friday....well that can get real early some times but they tend to have a nice Spring than we do here in the valley.
    Not starting seeds this year but have many times, LOVE the smell of dirt (really). have a great day.


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