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Inventory time!

I've been tied to the couch/bed or bathroom the last couple of days with an stomach/intestinal bug.  This morning I took advantage of my relative inactivity to inventory what seeds I already have and what I need for the upcoming season.

I started by looking at my 'planted' list from last season, eliminated a few and added a few.  So here is what I'm thinking will go into my garden and planters this year (this is certainly not set in stone until everything is actually planted!!). 

peas (snap & shell)
beans (wax & green)
peppers (hot & bell)
tomatoes (paste/slicer/cherry)
zucchini/summer squash
buttercup squash
mini pumpkin
*salad greens/spinach
brussel sprouts?

Those marked with a * are the ones that I will HAVE to purchase seed for this year, but I am looking at trying some different tomatoes than I have in my seed stash...  Hmmm, I'm noticing there is not much to purchase, maybe this year I could splurge on those tomato seeds that caught my eye in the Harris Seed catalog I posted about yesterday. ;)  I'll keep you posted as I ponder my budget and see what I can find locally.

The last three items I'm unsure if I will plant.  The watermelon I actually got to grow last year, after 3 previous tries, but I lost the fruit to squirrels!  I have to decide if it worth trying again!  Brussel sprouts I tried for the first time last year and in the end I got about 1 cup of pea size brussel sprouts.  Are they worth the space?  Now, parsnips I enjoy & like to stretch my family with each fall.  The last two falls I have been given some and wouldn't mind trying it myself if I have space this year.

So there you have it... my tentative planting list and my purchase list (short as it is!)

What are you planning to plant this year?  Do you like to stretch your family to try new things from your garden or do you have a list that does not change?

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