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On The Menu This Week (5-27 to 6-2)

For the last several years I have challenged myself to focus on using from my pantry and shop less for a couple months each winter... a Pantry Challenge.  With the end of February, this year's pantry challenge is complete but I have really enjoyed having a basic menu plan to guide me.  This year I decided to continue to make a month long menu, and be intentional about using garden produce and preserves from last season.

If you are interested in joining my intentional menu planning, check out my Pantry Challenge post to get an idea of how to get started.

Another month draws to a close this week so it is time to make another month long menu.  I am now on my sixth consecutive month of making a menu and I'm loving it!  I am also finding that it only takes me 15-20 min to put together a new menu for the month unless I get stuck thinking of something new to add.  Be encouraged if you are new to menu planning that it does get quicker and easier with time. :)

Here is what is on our menu this week...

Sloppy Joe (homemade tomato sauce) & watermellon
grilled salmon & grilled beef kabobs & veggies
ham & scalloped potatoes

Oatmeal Pumpkin or Squash Cookies - kids have been begging for these
Rhubarb Bread
fresh fruit & veggies

Happy Garden Eating! :)

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