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Plant of the Week: Cucumber

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)
Cucumbers join squash and melons in the Gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). Traditionally they have long vines that require an abundance of space, but recent bush varieties, and trellising has brought them into the realm of small space gardening.  Cucumbers come in three general varieties; slicing, pickling and burpless (seedless).  Most produce an elongated fruit though there are varieties that look like small, round, yellow melons.

Plant cucumbers in the spring after all chance of frost has past since the tender vines will not tolerate frost.  Typically cucumbers are planted in hills of 3-4 seeds about a half inch deep and space about 2 ft apart.  The soil should be warm for the best seed germination.  Cucumber plants need consistent moisture throughout out their life to produce healthy, highly productive plants.   For the best chance of maintaining adequate moisture incorporate compost or well rotted manure into the soil before planting and mulch around individual plants to hold the moisture in.  Cucumber fruit are harvested at any size but before the fruit turns yellow.  Remove any fruit that is beginning to yellow to keep the plant producing.

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