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Pantry Challenge: On the Menu this Week

The second week of January I shared that I have embarked on a Pantry Challenge in which I intend to be intentional about using up what I preserved from my garden last fall and have stocked up in my pantry over the last year.  If you want to know more details about how I plan to accomplish this, check out my post here.

Last week I had two sets of overnight company and had to re-adjust my menu several times but I still managed to use from my pantry.  :D  One of my adjustments last week was to use a homemade chicken pot pie that I had made on a freezer cooking day before Christmas.  Unfortunately the pot pie was part of my menu plan for this week so now I am having to make more adjustments, but the beauty of a flexible plan is that adjustments are easy!

Here is what I have on the menu plan for this week:

Italian Sausage, Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Jumbo Shells - (this was yesterday's meal, I also made enough for me to put 2 meals in the freezer for quick meals later... I love freezer meals!) - uses frozen spinach & spaghetti sauce I made this fall
Tatertot Hotdish - an old standby that we haven't had in awhile... looking forward to it ;) - will use frozen mixed veggies I have stocked up in the freezer
Beef Burgundy Stew - uses garden potatoes & root veggies we were given by a friend this fall

Zucchini Bread - this is a repeat since I didn't get it made last week

Happy Garden Eating! :)

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