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Garden Watering Basics

After planting, my attention turns to making sure my new plants get everything they need to produce an abundant harvest for me.  Since I have already made sure there is adequate nutrients in the soil by adding composted manure this spring, I am now focusing on making sure the plants have the water they need.

A garden needs about 1 inch of water per week to keep the plants healthy and to produce an abundant harvest (maybe 2 inches during peak production depending on what you have planted).  In my area, typically we do not need to water every week.  During dry spells, I will want to water once a week so that the soil is wet 6-12 inches deep after that watering.  This encourages the plant roots to reach deep and helps the plant to tolerate short dry spells. 

I conserve my watering investment by mulching both my veggie garden and flower beds.  I mulch with lawn clippings from our yard in the garden and wood chips in the flower beds.  Mulch insulates the soil from the ever-blowing North Dakota wind and summer sun, and can provide more organic matter for the soil as it breaks down.  As a secondary benefit, mulch helps reduce weeds as well. (YEAH!)

Next time I will share with you some mulching options and things to consider as you choose the mulch that is right for your yard.

Happy Gardening! :)

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