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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father Day Dad!  
This seed didn't fall far from the tree! :D

I caught my love of plants from my Dad.  He would quiz us from the car what the passing trees were, he took us to visit the arboritum at the International Peace Gardens, he shared his amazement of the 'monster' sized trees, he has planted dozens of apple trees only to plant another when we moved and we helped him plant litteraly miles of trees.  Dad could sit for an hour and just 'watch the garden grow', enjoying the peace and quiet.  Dad is still a wealth of gardening/plant information that I reference often and a reminder that any answer can be found in a good reference book!

Happy Father's Day to all the gardening Dad's who have shared their wisdom!  Did your Dad pass on the love of gardening too?

Happy Gardening (and Fathers Day)! :)

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