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My First Planting Day is Tomorrow!

Are you excited?  I am!

This week I will be starting flowers.  I have elected to wait another week (maybe two) to start any veggies, but kohls (brocolli, cauliflower. etc) and some other veggies could be started this week if you think you'll have your garden ready to plant by May 12.  With a look at the snow pack in my yard & my personal planting history, I'm not anticipating my garden getting started quite that early, but kudos to you if you can! :D

Don't forget to check the NDSU link for average last day of frost to figure out when you might be putting your garden in and when you can start seedlings if you live in North Dakota.  Check the information on the back of the seed package or the Weekend Gardener Grow Guide to help you know how early you can start a particular seed.

I'm really hoping to set up my plant stand in front of the west window in our living room & wash up my containers tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to get some pictures taken so that I can show you how I set up my indoor garden.

Leave me a note and let me know if you plan on starting seedlings anytime soon.  I look forward to hearing about your adventure in indoor gardening!


  1. I started my garden WAY too early last year and lost most of it before I could get it in the ground. This year I hope to be better educated and ready. I only have one window seal I can use, so my options are limited. BUT..I am excited to plant and get dirt under my fingernails! :)

  2. Tara, unfort, it looks like data is pretty sparse for your neck of the woods, but I would call your local county extension agent, and keep your eyes and ears open to see who is the local garden 'expert', and see when they suggest you begin planting. I imagine your season is pretty short! :{ You can always try to extend your season with a cold frame or a cloche. Just remember, take small steps each year so that you know what works & what does not! Best of luck & keep me informed on how it goes!


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