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Lights come on today

It has happened!  I checked on the flower seeds that I planted last week and there are two little tiny snap dragon seedlings peeking out!  What an exciting day!  :D 

Now it is time to make sure those little ones are getting the light they need.  A few weeks back I posted about the basic supplies needed for starting your own plants and I discussed the very basics of lighting there; check it out if you need some basic information.  I turned on my full specturm artificial light source for these new seedlings this morning.  I'm hoping to get a post together that is a little more detailed about managing supplemental light shortly so stay tuned...

For the time being I need to keep these new seedlings covered with the seeds to keep in moisture, but they will need to be monitored very carefully and vented so that they don't get fungus in such a moist environment.   Again, stay tuned.  I'll try hard to get my thoughts out to you as quick as I can!

Happy Gardening! :D

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