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NDSU Extention 2011 Spring Garden Day

My friend and fellow gardener told me about this yesterday.  If you are interested in getting a day of information related to gardening and trees in ND from local experts, then this may be for you.  Check it out and decide quick. Registration is due Friday February 25!

In my search of the NDSU Extension website, I saw that there is also one scheduled in Grand Forks this spring.  If you do not live near Fargo or Grand Forks, it may be worth a quick call to your local county extension agent to see if there is one close to you.

If you attend, be sure to come back & share any new or insightful information you learn!  I will be attending a similar event with a friend in central Minnesota about that same time.  I hope I'll come back with lots of gems to share! :D

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