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2nd Annual HSV Garden Challenge: Linkup #3

It is time for the third linkup for the HSV Garden Challenge and there is not a lot to report this month.  The school year officially ended the second week of May and we took the rest of May off from structured learning.

#1 lower (everything), #2 upper (no sun)
We have continued to watch our bean experiment and planted #1 and #2 into the garden.  Number 3 was transplanted into 'real' soil along with #1 & #2 but it still has not been given water proving that without water a seed cannot sprout no matter what the 'soil' is.  Number 1 was setting fruit by the time we transplanted it into the garden, but within a week a hungry critter snipped off the top, ending it's life early.  Number 2 was brought out into the light when we transplanted it into 'real' soil and it continues to thrive.  It has set small fruit and we look forward to harvesting fresh beans in a week or so. :)
#3 (no water)

We are all watching the strawberries and veggie garden that we planted this spring for the first sign of harvest-able produce.  It is always a treat to harvest the fruit of your labors and this year the kids are excited to taste from their labors as well.  :)

Are your kids involved in your backyard garden?  What are you all learning together right now?

Happy Garden Learning!  :)

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