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Pantry Challenge: On the Menu this Week

Last week I shared that I have embarked on a Pantry Challenge in which I intend to be intentional about using up what I preserved from my garden and have stocked up in my pantry over the last year.  If you want to know more details about how I plan to accomplish this, check out my post from last week.

Here is what I have on the menu this week:

1) Crockpot Corned Beef & Baked Cabbage (The cabbage is from my mom's garden & needs using by now)
2) Pork Carnitas with chips and zucchini/tomato salsa (I trial canned a small amount of this salsa last fall to see what we think.  The jury is still out.)
3) Lasagna - (I will use spaghetti sauce I canned last fall.)

Rhubarb Bread for breakfast and snacks (frozen rhubarb) - This is a deviation from my menu but has been on my mind recently and I'm so excited to enjoy it! :)

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