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Vertical Gardening: Trellis training

Back in May I told you I have become a great fan of using the vertical space in my garden.  I never have enough space for everything I want to plant and going vertical allows me to grow more in the same space.

In May I planted mini pumpkins and cucumbers on two different A-frame trellises.  The plants are starting to get big and last weekend I decided it was time to start training the plants to go up those trellises.

Suitable Ties
First I tore an old cotton t-shirt into strips to use as ties.  You could also use some old panty hose or other soft stretchable material.  You are looking for a material that will not damage the plants.  

Mini Pumpkins

The mini pumpkins have the taller trellis with chicken wire on a large frame.  The pumpkins do not readily climb the trellis , so I carefully lifted the plant and loosely tied each to the chicken wire using my new tie strips.  I gently pulled up and placed the vines separately and tried to be sure they were spaced so that they all would have room and sunlight.  Now that I have gotten the process started, as the vines grow the tendrils will secure the vines to the trellis and I will not need to do add any more tie strips.


The cucumbers have an A-frame that I made by tieing together an old crib railing.  The wide spaces between the rails allow me to weave each vine through the rails.  The tendrils will attach to the rails providing strength as well as the actual weaving of the vine.  Since cucumbers are handled and tugged at more often, this works better for me and the plants.

Heavy Fruit Vines
If you are growing a vine with a more substantial fruit (ex: squash, watermelon, full-size pumpkins), you may have to support the fruit as it gets heavier.  Here again you can use strips of cotton t-shirt or pantyhose, just larger.  Securely tie one end of each strip to your trellis, sling it under the fruit and then secure the other end to the trellis.  This will keep the fruit from pulling down or damaging your vine as it grows.

Happy Vertical Gardening! :)

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  1. La coltivazione di cucurbitacee ha bisogno di una buona ventilazione per prevenire malattie micotiche, cucumber trellis vertical, e la rete per cetrioli come spalliera lo permette.


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