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On the Menu This Week

For the last several years I have challenged myself to focus on using from my pantry and shop less... a Pantry Challenge.  With the end of February, this year's pantry challenge is complete but I have really enjoyed having a basic menu plan to guide me.  This year I decided to continue to make a month long menu, and be intentional about using garden produce and preserves from last season.

If you are interested in joining me check out my Pantry Challenge post to get an idea of how to get started.

Here is my plan for this week...

Chicken Spaghetti & spaghetti squash - (didn't use this last week since we did lots of grilling with the unseasonable nice weather!)  Uses homemade spaghetti sauce & whatever other minced or pureed veggies I might want to add (zucchini or maybe squash if I'm feeling adventurous!). 

Cabbage Rolls - cabbage was very inexpensive last week so I look forward to using fresh cabbage & enjoying a 'fall' meal this week. :)

Basil Chicken Burgers - (I started basil last weeks so soon I won't have to purchase it! :))

Oatmeal Squash Cookies- I made this last week on my baking day & will pull one loaf out of the freezer for this week.
Banana Bread - I have a couple of very ripe bananas that need using

Happy Garden Eating! :)

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