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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Have you craved Jack-o-lanterns this year?  We carved two last week from two of the pumpkins that grew in my garden this year.  My plants produced 1 ripe pumpkin & 2 unripe pumpkins.  I was able to convince my kids to carve just the green pumpkins and keep the orange one for pie making. ;)  We also got 6 mini boo (white) & 6 jack-be-little pumpkins (orange) that they had fun painting.

Our pumpkin carving is pretty basic but I love to read the book the Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs as we carve our pumpkin.  It describes the process of planting, growing and carving a pumpkin in a way that beautifully illustrates how God transforms people when they trust their lives to him.

 I'd love to know if you have any pumpkin carving traditions in your family.  Do you carve a traditional face, sculpt or etch your jack-o-lanterns?

Happy Halloween Garden Friends! :)


  1. Cute pumpkins and you just let us know when that pie is done so we can come dig in. :)
    I love carving pumpkins and hope to get back to it next year. Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween.

  2. Thanks TJO. I have a couple pumpkin pie recipes that I look forward to sharing here & know you have a standing invite to stop by for pie. ;)


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