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Frugal Tools: Old Sheets

Know what I love more than gardening?  Saving money while I garden! ;D

One of my favorite frugal gardening tools is an old sheet!  When your sheets (either flat or fitted & even pillow cases!) are getting too thin to use on the bed, carry them out to your gardening shed and put them to work in your yard! 

I already put mine to work in September when we had an early frost.  In that case, it was a perfect frost blanket

Now as I start cleaning up my flowerbeds and veggie garden, I am using it to collect dead plants & other debris.  It is simple, just spread your sheet out on the ground and throw in your garden debris.  When you need to move to a new location, grab a corner or two and pull it along.  Once you are all done tie opposite corners together and carry it where ever you need to go.  I even throw the tied up bundle into our vehicle to carry plant debris to the city compost site if I need to.  It also makes a great 'tarp' for collecting tree leaves & plant debris to carry to your own compost bins.

Why spend money on one of those drawstring tarps when you can use something you already have.  I call that a win, win.  I don't have to spend money AND I don't have to throw away something that's past it's useful life in the house. :)

Do you have any frugal gardening tips?

Happy gardening! :)

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