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Dandelions Everywhere!

Common Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale)

As a result of focus elsewhere & neglect of a few, the few have turned into many... many dandelions!  We were so focused on other things the first couple of years in our home and didn't deal with the dandelions that invaded our lawn.  Unfortunately after a couple of years, we were overrun & it has been impossible to get rid of them since.  I'm sad to say that my lawn ranks up with some of the worst in the neighborhood and although my kids hate it every time I pull up one of their 'pretty flowers', my neighbors & I are not so excited about my yellow dotted lawn.

My yellow dotted front lawn.

Having young children, I have focused on trying to eliminate these weeds without chemicals, but am starting to feel like we will need to bring in lawn professionals to spray the yard and start fresh.  This makes me so sad because that means I won't be able to use lawn clippings as mulch in my garden or put it into my compost bin for a month or more, and even more troubling to me is that my kids spend a lot of time playing in the yard and will be exposed to all of that chemical!!! :(

Today I came across an article from the NDSU Extension that addressed ridding your yard of dandelions.  Basically it said there are two options:  pull them out or spray them with herbicide.  I have spent several years pulling dandelions and am loosing the battle! (or maybe I should say I have LOST the battle!!!)

This is where you come in.  Do you have any homegrown methods of weed removal that you have found to be successful?  Please share!!!  According to that same article, I have 10 days or less until my dandelions go to seed.   I would be very grateful (and so would my neighbors!!!) of any help you can give me!

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