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Important: Clean before you plant!

One last thought before you begin filling containers with soil and seeds.

In order to minimize disease issues in your seedlings it is important to clean your containers before you plant, esp if they have been used for planting before.  All you need to do is place your containers in a one part bleach, eight parts hot water solution and let them sit for awhile (Baker, 2001).  I like to fill my bathtub (for lots of containers) or kitchen sink with a solution of bleach and water, swish the water & containers around so that everything gets wet and then go do another house hold task and come back later.  It doesn't take much of my active time and tremendously reduces my chances of loosing seedlings to disease.  Well, worth the time for the huge reduction in possible frustration later!

Update:  I have another reminder, as I cleaned my containers today, I remembered that I need to put a couple of small holes in the bottom of my 'kitchen' containers (plastic yogurt, cottage cheese, etc) so that they can drain!  The last thing I need to do is drown my seedlings!!!!  Sorry if this is late! :/

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  1. Oooh, this is a good reminder. I tend to forget and skip this step. I haven't started seeds indoors yet, but hope to soon! Thanks for posting, it's fabulous inspiration! :)


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