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Who has come in your mail box?

Over the last month or so I've been pulling my free gardening mail order catalogs out of the mailbox.  I love these for their inspiration and, at this time of year, the DEALS I can get with some of them! ;)  Out of curiosity I did a quick internet search of "garden catalogs".  Did you know that has a THREE PAGE list of gardening mail order catalogs?!?!  There is absolutely no shortage available to someone looking for gardening inspiration!

I've gotten four catalogs this year.  When I first started looking for free gardening catalogs I tried to select companies that I thought would have similar zoning and planting.  There wasn't much available!  I've since decided that I also need to look for those companies that are well known and offer a wide variety for all areas and zones to give myself a little more variety.

Here are the four I received this year....
Henery Fields (discovered this year that they have the same parent company as Gurney's)
Garden's Alive!
Harris Seed
(I forgot to add that I am a costumer of these companies like any other gardener and am not being paid to advertise for them!)

I like the first three because they come with purchasing incentives.   Gurney's & Henry Fields offer $25 off a $50 purchase and my Garden's Alive arrived with a $25 off $25 (including shipping!! My kind of incentive: potentially FREE) this year. I like the Harris Seed because they offer seed varieties that I have been unable to find anywhere else!  Unfortunately, they do not offer any nice incentives & they are not necessarily cheap, BUT if I'm really set on a certain item it may be worth it (there are a couple of variety tomatoes that I'm tempted by this year).

Before I close I do need to state one more thing.  I have absolutely no problem going to my local farm supply store, hardware store, grocery store, or whatever store to purchase seed!  I also have no problem using a packet of seed multiple years!  I frequently purchase my seeds at the end of the season when they are on clearance and save them for the next year.  Please, if you feel you need new seed every year, send you half empty packets to me. I'll use them! :)  Seriously, I don't want this post to come across as saying you need to go to the mail order catalogs every year to get your seed.  For me, the catalogs are a source of inspiration and they give me my January/February gardening fix! 

So tell me, who has shown up in your mailbox over the last month?  I'd love to hear which catalogs you get and why!

Happy browsing! :D

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