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Ugh, SLUGS!!!

I have battled slugs since I started my personal garden in 2005.  When I first noticed them I thought, "No big deal, I can share."  By the end of that first season I had discovered that slugs DO NOT SHARE!!!  They virtually stripped my beans, kohlrabi, strawberries, ate holes in most of the tomatoes and even nibbled on the jalapeno peppers!

There began my battle with slugs and again this fall I am noticing the presence of slugs in my garden.  I have tried many of the suggested treatments for slugs and have come down to a couple of control methods that work well for me.

1. Do Not Provide Cover/Habitat - remove plant debris and keep mulch about 4 inches away from the stems of your plants

2. Remove and Squish - look in moist cool locations to find the slugs hiding during the day or hunt them out in early morning/late evening.

3. Slug Bait (family & pet safe) - It is not always easy to find child/pet safe slug bait.  I usually order from mail order catalogs.

4. Spray With Ammonia - ammonia (NH3) will kill the slugs & leave behind nitrogen in your garden. A win win in my book!

What is your favorite slug control method?

Happy Gardening (& pest control)!!! :)

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