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Strawberry Bed Renovation Plans Change

For the past couple of years I have been dreaming of creating a raised pyramid bed for the strawberries that would bring them out from underneath a tree and give me the ability to cover them easily.  It would also keep them out of the backyard stream I found them in this spring.  This summer when we dismantled our old deck, I saw opportunity in all of the lumber that is now stacked by the shed and began to plan the structure I wanted.  (I'm hoping to get started on building this weekend, but whenever it happens I'll be sure to post what I did!)

As I knew that by this fall that I should have a new bed, I planned to pot the daughter plants and transplant them into the new bed and start with all fresh plants this fall.  This morning, as I wandered through my garden, a spot of bright red caught my eye in the strawberry patch and I realized that my everbearing strawberries are producing their second harvest. (Yeah!)  I combed through the patch looking for more red treats and realized that I'd never potted any daughter plants this summer.  Oops.  Well, I thought, maybe I'd be able to catch a couple yet so I took a second look through the patch and realized that there were no daughter plants this year! I don't know exactly why my strawberries didn't send out any daughters this year, but I suspect that they didn't have the energy reserves to do it.  It is time to get the patch moved!  As for this year and my plans, I guess I'll enjoy the dozen or so strawberries that we will get and purchase some new plants next spring and start fresh then. 

Sometimes even the best laid plans do not work out.  :}  Have you had to make some changes to garden, landscaping or maybe even preserving plans this summer?

Happy Gardening! :)

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