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Our Weekend Project: Deck Framing

About a month ago we tore out our old deck that was rotten and falling apart.  A couple weekends later we jack hammered out the cement patio that was under the deck because it was sloping toward our house, and now this weekend was consumed by framing up our new deck. 

Some close friends came for the weekend and the men framed up our new deck.  Yeah!  (Thanks Mike!  I was so thankful not to have to participate in that project!)  The rest of us had a great time hanging out.  ;)

I had planned to write up a post on making your own water barrel for today, but my youngest developed a temp of about 100F this morning and my time is more limited today then I had expected.  I will continue to work on the water barrel post and put it up for you later... maybe late this evening.  Wednesday's Plant of the Week should come on schedule barring an outbreak of fevers from multiple family members or myself over the next couple of days, and I'll have an update on vertical gardening for you on Friday.

So for now, I'd love to hear what you did this last weekend.  I heard that a lot of people were working on decks over the weekend.  Did you have a big deck, yard or garden project you worked on?

Happy Gardening! :)

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