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Fall Clean Up Check List

I am more likely to remember to get everything done and definetly more motivated if I have a checklist.  Here is my fall clean up check list.

1. Remove all plant debris from veggie garden & flower beds.

2. Mow and bag fallen leaves to add as 'browns' to the compost pile as needed or use as mulch.

3. Put away trillises, frames and cages used in both veggie & flower gardens.

4. Roll up and put away hoses, sprinkler and other watering tools.

5. Empty rain barrels & turn them over so they do not catch water and snow over the winter.

6. Put away decorative garden figurines, lights and signs.

7. Empty flower pots and store them for winter.

8. Dig up and store sensitive flower bulbs or roots (ex: Dalia and Begonia in my area).

9. Mulch newly planted flowers and other sensitive plants.

10.  Clean tools like hoes & shovels, & store for winter.

11. Winterize motorized lawn & garden equipment (this is my husbands job! ;))

Did I miss anything?  I hope not! ;)

Happy Fall Garden Clean Up! :)


  1. I started this process last night and hope to get it all complete by weekend's end.
    Happy Clean up Weekend! :)

  2. TJO - Happy clean up weekend to you too! Hope you get it all done quickly.


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