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Pantry Challenge: On the Menu this Week

The second week of January I embarked on a Pantry Challenge in which I intend to be intentional about using up what I preserved from my garden last fall and have stocked up in my pantry over the last year.  If you want to know more details about how I plan to accomplish this, check out my post here.

Last week I realized that we are already coming to the end of February.  Yikes!  Where has the last two months gone!  When I look in my freezers and pantry I can see that I have made a dent in what I had stored up, so I guess I can 'see' that the time has passed. :}  So now the question is, to continue or not to continue with menu planning...  and I have decided to continue.  This week I will sit down and re-evaluate my freezers & pantry.  After I have a pretty good idea of what I have then I will print a new calendar & set up a new menu for the next couple of months.  Are you up for joining me?  If you have questions on how to challenge yourself to eat from your pantry or plan a menu, check out my first Pantry Challenge post.

Here is what is on my menu this week...

Stone Soup (studying R=rock in school right now :) - frozen veggies & garden potatoes from a friend)
Turkey potpie (frozen veggies)
Hamburgers (not written on my menu but the family is begging; gotta to love up your family once in awhile! ;P)  I'll pull out some garden salsa for chips & I love to use it as relish on my burger.

Snack: We are still eating on the Oatmeal Squash Cookies I made last week, so I won't make anything new this week.

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