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There is a Season... for Everything

I am so thankful that not only are there four seasons in each year, but life has seasons as well.  Some seasons keep us busier than others but like the seasons of nature, the seasons in our life do not last indefinitely either.  Most of us are now entering into the 'holiday season' in which most of our lives take on an extra hurried pace as we try to catch up with family and friends we wish we'd spent more time with during the year. This season will last us until the end of this year and then a new season of resolutions and dreams begins.
Fortunately for us gardeners, we are in a season of rest and reprieve from most of the demands of the garden as we enter this busy holiday season.  The flower beds, the raspberry patch and the veggie garden have all been cleaned up and tucked in for the winter, the tools and supplies were gathered and stored away earlier this fall, and the canning equipment has been placed in the back closet again until next fall (or later this winter when things quiet down and I can pull some frozen tomatoes out of the freezer! ;P). 

In the spirit of seasons, I am going to be here less for the next month and a half.  I will continue to post a Plant of the Week each week, but I won't maintain any other posting schedule.  I do plan to post a few recipes and tidbits during this time, so don't despair.  January will be here quickly and I'll be aching to put my fingers back in the soil & dreaming of my summer garden! ;)  I am not about to abandon ship, just taking some time to breath deeply of the cold air outside, spend lots of time with family and friends, AND rest a little while my plants and garden rest.

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Happy Gardening and Resting! :)

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